The quest to become a Scala developer

An adventurer, you're a hacker, geek. You know formal trainings and instrutions don't do any justice to your hunger. They won't satiate your need.

Instead you choose the red pill. You decide to take the dark road.

You begin follow the path of 8 noble steps and attempt to become a Scala developer.

Step 1: You install Scala

You find that has binaries and sources available for download

You also consider using your favorite package manager (brew, apt-get etc.) or downloading the Typesafe stack

Deep down you know will always have direct links to the current stable release, maintenance releases and upcoming release candidates.

Step 2: You pick an editor

Jetbrains are faithful, time-tested allies. You trust them, you use IntelliJ IDEA.

You also hear of great improvements done to the Eclipse plugin for Scala aka Scala IDE by the Typesafe team.

You consider choosing lighter armor with Sublime Text 2, Vim or Emacs.

Step 3: Council of 13 wise sages

There are rumors that the wise sage Odersky from time-to-time reveals great secrets to seekers of the truth. You head over to Coursera and register for an upcoming initiation into Functional Programming Principles in Scala

Other than the venerable Odersky, you learn of Spoon, Venners, Pollak, Subramaniam, Payne, Wampler, Loverdos, Syropoulos, Braun, Piepmeyer, Suereth, Raychaudhuri. They form the council of the 13 wise sages.

Rumor has it that their tribe expands every passing season. You immerse yourself in their collective wisdom.

Step 4: You get played

Initial heavy lifting left you tripped, trampled and fallen. But without missing a heartbeat, you step up to play the game.

You explore the wonders of the Play Framework and get drawn into the minimalist charms of Scalatra and Finagle.

Now there's no web you cannot spin.

Step 5: Persevere through

Times were tough but you were quite Slick. You prodigiously discover the secret to persevere through most circumstances.

Your journey raises opportunities for you to pet a magical Squeryl and activate a new toolbelt.

Step 6: Scaling through trouble

Times are tough and the enemy surrounds us. Masses thirstily consume every last resource we bring to offer. Can we cope or is this the end?

Casting the spell spelt Akka, you realize that this test the promise of a new future.

Along the way you discover scalaz and now may your dreams type-check

Step 7: The source

Carrying on, you have now reached a magical realm. The realm, likened to a hub, shows itself with branches and tags.

There are many secrets to be discovered. You have reached the mythical source of Scala.

Steps 8: Valhalla

Been there, done that. You now seek to shape the future. You participate on the mailing lists and join the realm of #scala on Freenode

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